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Romford Ice Rink

Romford Ice Rink is one of the most popular attractions in the whole of Romford. A great day out for children, adults or the whole family. Romford Ice Rink is located in the centre of Romford, on Rom Valley Way right next to Queens Hospital and a 5 minute walk from Romford Station. We sugesst getting the 193 bus to Queens hospital from the train station and walking from there.

Romford Ice Rink Opening Times & Sessions

Monday: 10.30am - 4pm open to general public but only on school holidays.
Monday: afternoon - Private hire only, closed to general public

Tuesday: 10.30am - 4pm open to general public but only on school holidays.
Tuesday: 6.30pm - 10pm Family Fit. Audlt £7.00, Children £6.30

Wednesday: 10am - 11am Toddler group £5 per half hour
Wednesday: 11am - 3pm Open Audlt £7.00, Children £6.30
Wednesday: 3.30pm - 4.40pm Adult £4.50, Children £4.00
Wednesday: 5.15pm - 6.15pm Club Training closed to general public

Thursday: 10.30am - 11am Coffee Club £4.20
Thursday: 11am - 3.30pm Open Audlt £7.00, Children £6.30
Thursday: 6.30pm - 10pm Family Fit Adult £7.00, Children £6.30

Friday: 11am - 11.30am Toddler group £5 per half hour
Friday: 11am - 3pm Open Audlt £7.00, Children £6.30
Friday: 3.30pm - 4.40pm Adult £4.50, Children £4.00
Friday: 5pm - 6pm Professional Training Closed to public
Friday: 8.15pm - 11pm ClubFrost £8.00

Saturday: 11am - 4pm Open Audlt £7.00, Children £6.30
Saturday: 4pm - 8pm Junior Disco (7pm-8pm Beginners £4 Including Skate Hire)
Saturday: 8.30pm - 11pm Club Frost £8.00

Sunday: 11am - 3.30pm Adult £7.00, Children £6.30
Sunday: 4.30pm-7.30pm Sunday Summer Special £5per person
Sunday: 8pm - 10.30pm Club Frost £5.00

Family Rates including skate hire

Family of 3 = £18.00
Family of 4 = £24.00
Family of 5 = £29.30
Family of 6 = £34.60
Rates only applicable to groups with a minimum of 1 adult/maximum 2 adults per family ticket. (terms apply)
Child Rate applies for children age 14 or under.

Under 5's - £2.00 (not available during Toddler Session)
Senior Citizens admission - £2.00 (not available during coffee club)
Skate Hire Charge - £2.00
Schools/ Colleges - £2.70 (when enrolled on the Romford Ice Arena Schools Program)
Guardian Spectator charge (when accompanying child skaters) - £1.60

Romford Ice Rink Address & Contact Details

Romford Ice Rink, Rom Valley Way,  Romford, Essex,  RM7 OAE
Tel: 01708 724731
Fax: 01708 733609

Romford ice rink featured in BBC ident 2006Did you know?

Romford Ice Rink was featured in the BBC One ident (BBC logo feature) throughout the winter period 2006. Before programmes, a beautiful scene of penguins and people skating together in a circle at romford ice rink was shown, to introduce the BBC logo and end or begin intervals. Look at the picture to the right, ring any bells?



+15 #1 sally 2012-02-12 22:03 Accepted
Well if the coucil wants to close this rink,the leaseholders are going the right way to helop them do so. Filthy dirty seating area no bins available hence rubbish strewn.The toilets are the worse i have been inside of, the smell of urine is really strong, toilets blocked, dirty flooring. Rude unhelpfull staff.What a total waste of what should be a fantastic venue

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